Audio Guide Productions

Welcome to Audioguide Productions Ltd

Creating quality audio guides, podcasts, video and digital interpretation at an affordable price.

We produce cost effective high quality audio interpretation, enabling the listener to uncover stories of history, heritage and landscape without encroaching on that landscape, whether it be the great outdoors or a great building.

Audio can enhance a walk, tour or visit by evoking an image in the mind of times past, and landscapes lost. In this way the visitor can really understand the sounds and sights around them.

Digital interpretation is flexible and ideally suited to a variety of projects from tourist sites, town trails, museums, art trails, nature trails, podcasts, websites and community projects.

Our productions are varied and can involve various elements, such as narration, interviews, evocative sound effects, licensed music, oral history or character driven interpretation.

We can be involved in any part of the project from research and scriptwriting to end result. We also offer consultancy and lead community projects. We will work with you to produce the best possible solution for your needs and budget. Customers find us friendly, creative and flexible. We can help just ask.