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Croeso i wefan gymunedol Llanynys a Rhewl

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Rhewl Gardening Club

The Gardening club is now well established and if you are interested please contact Mrs Jean Wallis (703954). Please click on the Gardening Option within the clubs link on the top menu to peruse the 2015 programme of events


Rhewl School and Rhewl Football Club held their annual Senior Citizens Xmas Dinner at the School on the third of December. The school cooks provided  an excellent  meal and everyone enjoyed meal which consisted of Soup, Turkey dinner and Trifle followed by coffee and mince pies. Once again Bov provided the entertainment assisted by the talented Geraint Evans.

The criteria for an invitation to the dinner is that  invitees will have attained the National Pensionable age (and their spouse)  and  live in the Rhewl Football Club catchment area.  It is very difficult for the Football Club to know the exact age of all the residents and therefore who to invite, so we will be grateful if you qualify to contact Cath Humpoletz on 01824 704827 or 07785 785493.




Rhewl School held a festive Christmas Evening in the Pavilion on Wednesday, December 10th. It was a lovely evening beginning with  headmistress Sian Hilton welcoming  everyone. Entertainment was provided by pupils of the School, the Denbighshire Training Band, Denbighshire County Band  and the Porthmyn Choir. Mr John Powell the charismatic leader of the two bands introduced the choirs explaining that the Training Band playing that evening drew on pupils from six local Primary Schools whilst the County Band drew members from further affield and where one of the best bands in the UK doing extremely well in Competitions all over the country. We would like to congratulate John and Heather Powell for the excellent work that the do for music in the region and of course the members of the two bands for providing such an excellent show..

The Pavilion was packed out for the evening with the school being used as an overspill for the bands – the extension to the Pavilion is badly needed for such an event.





Bov nights in the Drovers – every second Friday of each month.

Galwch yn y Drovers pob ail Nos Wener yn y mis i fwynhau noson o gân gyda Bov a’i organ



January 2015- £100 winner was Mrs Norma Norris 6 Bro Clwyd

December 2014 – £100 winner was Mark Lloyd

November 2014 – £100 winner was Peter Hession

October 2014 – £100 winner was Mrs Norma Norris 6 Bro Clwyd

September 2014 – £100 winner was Mrs Peggy Howatson

August 2014 – £100 winner was Mrs J Jones Tir Mes

July 2014 – £100 winner was Selwyn Howatson

June 2014 - £100 winner was Shani Parker

May 2014 - £100 winner for April was Pauline Mitchell, The Grove

April 2014 – £100 winner was Claire Roberts, Llandyrnog

March 2014 - The £100 winner for March was the Rhewl Bowling Club

February 2014 – £100 winner – Michelle Strang Drovers Arms

January 2014- The £100 winner for this month was the Monday night Bowling Club

Anyone wishing to join this Draw please see Ian Hession or Cath Humpoletz



Rebecca Cutmore’s exciting Time

Last September Rebecca joined the YWAM – Next Wave to do her Discipleship Training School (DTS) She applied last minute and to her delight and surprise she got accepted. We had two weeks to prepare for her departure, which was a day before her 18th birthday! Her journey started at Birkenhead where the ship was docked and they set sail a month later. They went down to Falmouth to get four new sails then they sailed to France, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and then on to Malta. The journey wasn’t an easy one as they faced storms and up to 4m high waves. Fortunately Rebecca discovered she wasn’t sea sick and took to the sailing fairly quickly and effortlessly. Each person took their turn in helming the ship, on a 4hour watch and 12 hours off. Rebecca adapted to her new life on the sea and immediately fell in love with her floating home as she calls it. They spent Christmas in Malta where the lecture phase of the school came to an end. On boxing day they went to Greece on their outreach phase. She is at present in Malta

The Tall Ship

Rough Seas


Rebecca on board


Here are some of the things that Rebecca did­ in her own words

Feeding the homeless

So  I was a part of the group that went around giving food parcels to the homeless on New Year’s Eve. This man who was lying in a doorway under a thin blanket was very frightened of us at first and was hiding. But when we approached him with the food he came out from under his blanket. We handed him a parcel and said Happy New Year and he very gratefully accepted. After we had. walked away, we really felt we had to go back to him, so we did and gave him 3 more! He was so appreciative and bewildered! Seeing him tearing into the parcel not able to wait for his food made myday. We had been able to bless him in a practical way. We had a short conversation with him then left. It was great to bless and love people in a practical way like this.

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings a few of us help out with Sunday school in the church we are staying with!). We go to the little room upstairs (where the boys sleep!) And play games, draw pictures and have a lot of fun! The kids are adorable, and many of us have become fast friends!


On a particular  Friday in Thessaloniki we made a board with a mirror and set it up in the middle of the city square. We asked people to take a look in the mirror, and ask themselves the question ‘Who are you?’ When we asked people what they thought Thessaloniki needed the last week, a common answer was that Thessaloniki needs people who know who they are. We wanted to ask this question to get people thinking about their identity.

Something else exiting we are doing here is supporting a new organisation that has just started! It is called Hope Spot. They run every Saturday to provide a free fun space for youth to hang out at and play games like ping pong, uno, jungle speed, scrabble etc! A team of 5 of us go each time to help out

The Porthmyn Choir being impressed with what Rebecca has done agreed to donate a £100 towards her costs of venturing on such a adventure. More  good news is that YWAM have offered her a permanent job on the ship she sailed on.

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