Building Committee

This group has now been replaced by the main Playing field Committee  (at AGM Feb 29th 2012)
The group are now waiting for completion of the building plans  before they are presented to the Council for their consideration. The aim is to get some costings prior to applying for grants in mid August.
This group are in charge of the refurbishment of the Pavilion
Officials and members of the Building Group
Chairman – Ian Hession, Secretary – Mike Denman and Treasurer – Ellis Ashton
Members: – Tudor Jones,  Basil Ward,  Gareth Williams, John Roberts, Cath Humpoletz,  Amanda Nancarrow, Gwilym Palmer, Dylan Roberts and Malcolm Harris There are 3 phases to the refurbishment of the Pavilion:
Phase 1. Installation of Gas Central Heating System, Replacement of Doors and Windows, Installation of Roof and Wall insulation and re-decoration.  – this phase has been completed on schedule and to an acceptable standard.


The Painters


Phase 2:- Reconfiguration of Kitchen and Toilet Facilities
Phase 3: – Extension of main Hall and provision of additional parking
Plans have been agreed for phases 2 and 3 and are now with the Council
It was agreed that these items be considered at some stage :- i) Asset Transfer;  ii) Premises Licences (Following Phase2);   iii) Phone Line; iv) Wi-Fi